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Surface accessories knowledge of knitted fabric fleece

1, what is the difference between polar fleece and ordinary fabric? Where is the advantage?

It is a small piece of silver ingot knitting structure, woven in the circular knitting machine, woven into the fabric of the first dyeing, after brushing, combing hair, shearing, shaking grains and other complex finishing process processing, fabric positive nap, polar fleece dense and not easy to lose hair, pilling, and the opposite side nap sparse symmetry, fluff shortage, texture clear, fluffy elastic special good.

It is the first choice for nearly two domestic winter cold.

Now is also developing new varieties of polar fleece, polar fleece weaving process can be added spandex (up to 5%), R Fleece, but now the technology has not found a few factories can be mastered, need to further improve.

Special treatment of fabrics, such as adding antistatic additives, flame retardant additives, infrared additives and so on. For some special polar fleece, such as fabric in the process of weaving antistatic fiber, add this fiber of the fleece in the domestic market is still not much.

Fleece can also be combined with all fabrics to deal with, so that the effect of the cold is better. For example: Polar fleece and polar fleece composite, polar fleece and denim composite, polar fleece and lamb velvet Composite, polar fleece and mesh cloth composite middle waterproof breathable membrane and so on.

In addition, polar fleece has plain and printing points, plain-grained fleece according to individual requirements, can be divided into the pumping of polar fleece, embossed fleece (emboss polar Fleece), jacquard fleece (jacquard polar fleece) and so on. Printing fleece According to the printing of different oars, there are penetrant printing, rubber paddle printing, transfer printing color, such as more than 200 varieties of color

In the price of polar fleece, in China, the width of the fleece is generally around 150CM, some width to 230CM, grams weight from 180 to 450 grams. Price to consider the cost of raw materials, weaving costs, weaving loss, dyeing costs, dyeing loss and finishing, and other labor costs. In terms of the price of fabrics, the cheapest price is still several Zhejiang market, but Changshu, Jiangsu is also relatively inexpensive. Now the fleece fabric has belonged to low-grade price, high-grade enjoy the popularity of fabrics.

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