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Wedding dress Fabric basic knowledge--crystal yarn

Compared to the wedding fabric satin, chiffon, taffeta, etc., crystal yarn information is much less. We also see a lot of netizens in Baidu or Google search "crystal yarn", but found may be just a few crystal yarn supply and demand information, the real introduction of crystal yarn information on the internet is still very small. The reason is mainly because with taffeta and other fabrics are not the same, crystal yarn is not the name of the foreign direct transliteration or translation, but everyone started a name.

So, what is a crystal yarn? With our years of experience in the wedding industry, we summarize the characteristics of the crystal yarn.

The English name of the Crystal yarn is crystal yarn.

Crystal yarn texture is hard, good transparency, light weight, thin.

Crystal yarn is often used for spring, summer, autumn wedding dress design, because it has good air permeability.

You can tell by the "crystal yarn" that the word itself can be determined: what is a crystal yarn.

If you still feel abstract, can be customized before the wedding gown, Xuzhou spring wedding dress factory to obtain crystal yarn fabric sample to you, we are happy to give you a free crystal yarn sample, of course, you only have to pay the courier fees. This makes it perfectly clear what the crystal yarn looks like.