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Wedding dress Fabric Basic knowledge-satin, imported satin

Satin, a relatively thick, glossy silk: satin and damask.

A variety of floral and fibroin fabrics that are organized by satin. Satin fabric commonly known as satin, a lot of varieties. Only one of the warp and weft stripes is covered with a floating long form and covers a separate tissue point evenly distributed. Thus the fabric surface is glossy and glossy. A satin covered by a surface, covered with a long surface. Satin fabric is the most complex in the silk products, the most colorful fabric appearance, the highest level of technology category. We often have flowers satin, satin, woven brocade, incense satin and so on. Flower satin, woven brocade, incense satin can do cheongsam, cover, cotton-padded jacket and so on. Its characteristics: smooth light, texture soft. Incense Satin, woven brocade variety, rich in color, fine grain, Yong-hua magnificent, with national style and hometown color, most of the Tang costume fabric for such fabrics. Ming Song "Heavenly Creations · is clothing": "Where the Umayyad paragraph ... Weave several inches through the surface, that is, shave into black. The word "paragraph", "Wandiang" has a section of the Ministry, paragraph, that is, "satin."

Bad fabrics and good fabrics in the price will be less than 3-4 times more, better quality fabric prices are more expensive, of course, also affect the overall price of the wedding dress.

How to distinguish and distinguish between good and bad fabrics mainly rely on experience, MM can try different price of the wedding dress to pay attention to the appearance of fabric effects, feel, light sense and so on.

Different places of fabric weaving method is not the same, resulting in the appearance of different effects, according to the desired effect of the style will choose the appropriate fabric.

Satin material to create a more heavy texture, in order to highlight the natural luster of the satin, style on the decoration is not a lot, the shape of the use of local pleat, plasticity, plus lining, fish bones, chest pads and other accessories can be very good to conceal the defects in the body, is the most widely used fabrics.

The advantages of satin: a good embodiment of women's maturity and elegance

Making recommendations: Satin series of wedding dresses, dress, generally a layer of imports of 395 thick forging plus a layer of lining that can achieve a good effect. If you add a good skirt, it will be more perfect.

Fabric Features: The most commonly used wedding fabrics. Thicker texture, drape good sense of weight, warm, strong, suitable for spring and autumn and winter wedding selection.

Suitable for style: more suitable to focus on the line sense of a word and the fish's wedding dress, can express a grand feeling. With the pearl feeling of the palace or big drag tail style of the wedding often thick satin to make.

Here are some features and distinctions of several common satin materials.

Domestic satin: Wedding fabrics commonly used, relatively thin, light weight, sagging feeling poor.

Foreign satin: Noble and generous, the fabric is rich in luster and bright, and it contains feminine taste.

Imports of thick satin: the most common is the Taiwan satin, champagne satin, South Korea satin, fabric thick, vertical feeling good, pure color.

Most of the export wedding dress mainly in Taiwan, Taiwan in the processing of dyeing after the world's leading. Suzhou wedding market generally said that the import of satin refers to Taiwan 395 satin. Foreign trade export wedding dress is also generally used 395 satin.