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What Is Fusing Interlining?
Sep 08, 2018

The Fusing Interlining is the hot-melt Fusing Interlining, which is made of hot melt adhesive coated on the bottom cloth. In 1952, fusible lining was born in England and began to be applied in China in 1970s. Nowadays, the widespread use of Fusing Interlining has become an important symbol of modern clothing technology. It can not only simplify the production of clothing, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, but also show the style of modern clothing, improve the grade of clothing.

With the popularity of Fusing Interlining, how to choose and use adhesive lining has become a concern of garment technicians.

Bonding lining is also called hot melt lining, hot pressing lining, Fusing Interlining, coating lining, hot sealing lining, pressing materials, etc. It is divided into different types according to the different coating materials, aggregate shape, backing cloth, hot melt adhesive types, uses and so on.

The Fusing Interlining uses different heat dissolving glue, and the adhesive effect of the fabric is quite different.


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